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Servicing the San Francisco Peninsula and the Silicon Valley areas and beyond.

Our staffing services is a great solution to any kind of event. Our expertise and professionalism is something you can trust, because our objective is to ensure your event runs smooth.


Here are some of the staffing solutions to choose from: Permanent Staffing Options:



With our ability to place someone at a moment’s notice, we allow you to concentrate on other things rather than stress on service staff when you are shorthanded. Our immediate staffing solution can help you when you need it most.


Road-testing Available:

With our services, your able to test out employees before you hire them Let us do the initial interviews and send employees your way so that you can decide if that you have a the right fit.


Direct hire:

Many restaurants and clients prefer the opportunity to simple have us send them qualified candidates their looking to fill. This option allows us to prescreen candidates and prequalify them so that you can interview them with confidence knowing that they might already be tested, screened, checked, etc.


Our employees display a can-do-attitude, which is essential for demonstrating food products in retail and food service venues. With our services, you can rest assured that our employees will represent your product with the highest quality and professionalism.

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